Any organization can develop a business strategy but it's not complete if it doesn't contain a 'talent' element. Your investments can only be maximized if you have the right talent strategy to support your business goals. Discover how you can implement cost-effective talent strategies that attract, retain, develop, enable and plan for succession with a diverse workforce to deliver best-in-class returns on your investment. Your talent can be a profit rather than, as is traditionally perceived, a cost centre! Learn how this can be implemented in your organization.


A good talent strategy requires a planned change management approach. To fully realize the potential of any initiative, the development and facilitation of practical, well-designed tools for on-going support are crucial for success.  The key will be to ensure these tools can be self-deployed without the need for external sources to continually provide and bill you for their support. WJ PALLETT & ASSOCIATES provides only products and tools that enable our clients' independence to use the tools and processes once they are initially implemented in your organization. We do not create 'user dependency'!


Ensuring your organization has a culture which maximizes employee and customer engagement will require an audit of current practices and the development of a plan for refocusing on only those 'drivers' which will ensure a good ROI for your efforts. In some cases this may require a thorough review of your current practices and a need for ensuring 'third party' representation is unnecessary. We have the tools to enable you to perform a thorough audit of current practices and will assist you and your leadership in determining practical cost-effective solutions and ensure you mitigate any liability for your organization in the future.


Taking a holistic view of your business will be a key to your company's future success. Companies that fail to review and assess all key aspects of their organizations are the ones that fail to sustain their long term viability. Reviewing and assessing such key factors as approaches to leadership, planning, customer and employee engagement, processes and supplier partnerships can move your business from a reactive 'might continue to succeed' category to a pro-active 'will always succeed' category. Our ability to provide you with a cost effective analysis of your 'current state' and blueprint a road map for your 'future state' is practical and proven.


We help build organizational capability to drive strategy and achieve business results by designing, developing and delivering change initiatives and learning programs, customized to your business needs and situation. The depth of our L&D expertise enables us to create learning for you with content and approach specific and appropriate to your business requirement, audience and environment. It will not be an “off the shelf” product.

We specialize in:

  • Brand and Customer Experience Training
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Leadership Skills for New Leaders
  • Advanced Leadership Skills and Thinking
  • Labour Relations Personal and Team Effectiveness Assessment Tools: LUMINA and INSIGHTS
  • Employee Relations and Performance Management
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Change Management