ABOUT JOSE BANSIL (Partner - WJ Pallett & Associates)

Jose Bansil was most recently the Director of Learning and Development for Delta Hotels and Resorts, where, for 14 years, he championed learning as a vital engine in enabling individuals and teams to maximize their contribution to the business. He led the L&D component of all of the organization's key strategic and change initiatives, using his experience and expertise in learning needs analysis, program design and development, program delivery and facilitation, learning reinforcement and evaluation, including measuring learning ROI. He initiated, developed and maintained innovative development tools and processes including the company's leadership competency model, leadership development process, employee development reviews, individual development plans, succession planning and 360 feedback tool. He has also gained and applied expertise in organizational development; and, he developed and deployed highly effective change initiatives and tools like the onboarding processes, performance development review cycle and brand training. He also led the establishment of the company's eLearning system and has gained robust experience in eLearning development, Learning Management Systems and Vendor and Supplier Management.

Mr. Bansil has over 25 years of L&D experience from various industries, including hospitality, aviation and real estate and property management. He has the ability to take a micro and macro perspective of a situation; and, he has the unique capacity of combining his strong analytical skills and passion for metrics with his creativity and innovation. He is a Master Facilitator and has helped several organizations and business units in strategic planning and business development. He believes that successful companies have employees who are advocates of their brand. He is guided by the philosophy that learning is the main internal marketing machine that sells the brand to its employees and equips them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to deliver what the brand promises to its customers.

Mr. Bansil has a Bachelor of Science in Education, majoring in Math and Physics. He has a Certificate in Human Resource Development from University of Toronto and a Certificate in Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional from Cornell University. Mr. Bansil has his CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional) designation.

Details of Experience and Expertise


Creation and implementation of leadership development process and tools designed to bolster an organization's leadership bench strength needed to achieve strategic objectives.

Accomplishments include:

  • Development of a Leadership Competency Model -- defined competencies cascade from the company's strategic plan and become the foundation upon which other Leadership processes and tools were built e.g. Performance Development Review, Individual Development Plan, 360 Tool
  • Establishment of a Leadership Development Program -- detailing learning and experience requirements for 3 levels of leadership
  • Creation and deployment of learning programs and development tools
  • Application of a Leadership Readiness metric to quantify a leader's readiness to take on the next role. It also became a measure that more clearly identified individual learning and development opportunities.

Evidence of success:

  • Leadership Development earned an excellent 92% rating in last Employee Engagement Survey. Compare this to 50 Best Employers average of 80%.
  • Learning and Development remained in the Top 3 Engagement Drivers for the past 5 years among leaders.
  • Lower turnover among leaders -- with most of the turnover occurring among leaders identified as non-performers


Quantification of factors important to any learning investment to provide the business intelligence needed to measure the impact of learning and guide the decisions to advance the Talent and Learning Strategy.

Accomplishments include:

  • Completion of Return on Investment Study on a number of vital learning initiatives e.g. Conference Service Managers' Workshop, Strategic Selling Course, Brand Training
  • Development of metrics relevant and specific to a learning initiative e.g. Leadership Readiness Rating, correlation of training completion and reinforcement compliance to GSAT scores, Impact to Importance ratio
  • Preparation of bi-annual individual hotel Leadership Readiness Reports
  • Systematic learning needs analysis completed for all major learning investments
  • Creation of formula to calculate overall performance rating in the Performance Development Review tool
  • Development of the Human Resources Audit tool, including the creation of the formula to calculate overall ratings

Evidence of success:

  • Stronger business case for new initiatives and call to action, enabled by the availability and proper use of the metrics e.g. stronger mandate of compliance after correlation study of training activity to GSAT scores
  • Stronger buy-in from Senior Leadership to proposed change initiatives and expedited approval of proposals e.g. Succession Planning System brought about by Leadership Readiness measurement
  • Enhancement of tools and processes e.g. Succession Planning redesigned to minimize arbitrariness in defining a leader's readiness to take on next role
  • Better planning and more strategic allocation of resources e.g. Leadership Readiness metrics facilitated the development of hotels' leadership L&D plan


Design and development of innovative, customized learning solutions based on business objectives or needs, applying the blended learning approach and the latest, appropriate learning thinking and technology. Programs include measurable sustainment strategies to guarantee the delivery of the program's intended impact.

Examples of programs:

  • myDelta Brand Training -- 4-module program on Delta's first rebranding
  • CONNEX Training -- 3-module program on Delta's latest rebranding
  • AXEL Program -- Executive Leadership Training
  • PCI Compliance Training
  • Delta Skills Training -- initial job training for all positions within the hotel
  • Introduction to Leadership at Delta -- 6-module program for high-potentials
  • Strategic Selling -- mandatory Sales Training for all Sellers
  • All Delta leadership courses on the various leadership competencies such as Strategic Thinking, Coaching & Mentoring, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Sustaining Business Performance

Evidence of success:

Programs achieved the intended impact i.e. exceeded target Return-on- Investment and/or Return-on-Expectation e.g. CONNEX Training improved brand perception and contributed to 3 percentage point jump in GSAT metrics


Expertise in applying numerous tools, techniques and interventions in a variety of settings, ensuring optimum participation and learning and guaranteeing the accomplishment of the session's objectives.

Settings include running project team meetings, conducting brainstorming workshops, delivering learning events, leading teambuilding efforts or facilitating strategic planning sessions.


Systematic assessment of the organization's systems and processes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness and alignment to business objectives; and, the design and implementation of the necessary change, which may come in the form of: process design, establishment or overhaul of standards, departmental or team restructuring.

Change initiatives launched include:

  • Goal Setting Process
  • Performance Development Review Cycle
  • Definition of the 9 Service Personalities -- Mandatory Brand Behaviours
  • Leadership Competency Model and Leadership Development Program
  • Revision of Brand Operating Standards
  • Human Resources Audit Tool
  • Onboarding Process for New Colleagues
  • Onboarding Process for New Leaders
  • Establishment of eLearning System
  • Pre-Opening Human Resources Checklist
  • 360 Tool and Process


Championing the evolution of "customer service training" to "Brand Training" through the design, development and implementation of a comprehensive learning program that enables employees to deliver the organization's brand promise to its customers. Initiatives before, during, and after the program ensure that learning is maximized and applied in the workplace, strengthening the service culture and optimizing the program's impact to the business.

Accomplishments include:

  • Definition of the "brand" behaviours that every employee must demonstrate to deliver the brand promise
  • Development and deployment of a communication plan to generate excitement and gain initial buy-in to the program
  • Design and development of the training modules
  • Certification of facilitators to deliver the training
  • Creation and implementation of a Reinforcement Plan to make sure learning "sticks" and employees apply the learning on the job

Validation of success:

  • Significant improvement in brand perception -- from 2.5-star to 4-star after only 9 months from the program launch
  • 3 percentage point jump in Guest Satisfaction Metrics 1 year after program implementation
  • Company achieved highest GSAT ratings in its history 1 year after program launch

Jose Bansil

Jose Bansil